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Westral Insulated Products have the capability to insulate solid or multiple strand cable from 0.60mm (0.28mm²) to 7.65mm (35mm²). The bare, coated or plated conductor can be customer supplied or direct purchase. Westral does not make finished F.R cable, we work closely with our cable customers to supply mica taped conductor suited to meet their finished cable requirements. Westral WFR taped conductor provides the primary cable foundation needed to meet all customer specific Fire Resistant Specifications.


Reduced Mica content while still meeting stringent fire test specifications.
Reduced costs due to fewer extrusion snags, an overall reduction in total taped diameter and a smooth wrinkle-free finish allowing for higher extrusion speeds.
Guaranteed registration and lap control provide longer fault free lengths of finished cable.
Raw material control takes the risk out of Mica quality variation; Westral controls the quality of the Mica and the entire slitting, packaging and taping process.
Westral's efficient taping service means reduced lead times to help meet your project delivery deadlines. Finished product is supplied on continuous lengths of up to 40 kms long, depending on customer requirements.


Smoothness, uniformity and repeatable taping consistency are just some of the improvements you will see from Westral WFR taped conductors. Custom designed electronic machines allow us to consistently wrap to any layer construction with guaranteed registration. Westral can provide high performance conductors across the range of sizes from 0.60mm (0.28mm/sq.) to 7.65mm (35mm/sq.).  Westral also carry out extensive "in house" fire tests using furnace and open flame equipment designed to duplicate accredited laboratory tests, this is how we can guarantee product performance and consistency.


Westral can insulate mica taped conductors using Single, Double or Multiple Layers of mica tape with precise overlaps. Purpose built high-speed taping machines and quality WFR Mica Tapes are designed to meet Fire Test Standards such as ASNZ3013, BS6387 (Cat: C.W.Z), IEC60331 and many other international standards. We have our own "in-house" Fire Testing rig which can be used to pre-test customer's cable along with maintaining our own stringent Fire Test cable perfomance. Westral is a full service solution provider for the Fire Resistant Cable Industry.

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